The Common Good Covenant

A Program to Advance Human Progress and Survival

by the

Human Progress Network (HPN)

The Human Progress Network's programs to support human progress and survival include the Common Good Covenant. This program is to serve as a model for the political management needed for the new millennium. The United States is to set an example to the rest of the world in how to correct political mismanagement and downsize the war institution. Solving our many economic and social problems would also provide the resources to assist Third World countries in comparable efforts.

The vital United States leadership in correcting worldwide political mismanagement and the wasteful war institutions must become the cornerstone of the Common Good Covenant. The Common Good Covenant is to be the implementation of John Locke and other political philosophers' concept of the Social Contract, not only between governments and societies, but also among all the human communities of our planet.

Our extensive intellectual resources can form the basis of the political program needed to institute our national economic and social revival. But even the best ideas will not be accepted without a strong motivating factor. Here the Common Good Covenant has a powerful feature -- the emphasis on morality based on traditional American religious values. Trust in government and a sense of community must be restored before meaningful political actions can be undertaken to create a just and humane society.

A viable political program will require financial and other sacrifices by many citizens and organizations. A compelling moral vision of a better society is needed to justify the short-term sacrifices. The emergence of the numerous world problems again requires solutions based on morality, to replace the failed New World Order. The expanded Common Good Covenant can become the political program that satisfies the needs of the nation and the world with the resources that are available, guided by moral and spiritual considerations.

A systematic analysis and investigation of our social, economic, political and environmental deficiencies uncovers about 65 major national and world problems. These can be linked to eight national deficits that need to be addressed by a successful presidency. The Common Good Covenant can be coordinated with federal and state budgets to support the economic plan and other programs needed for our national revival and world role. Budget deficits can be cut, and major funds can be made available for needed economic and social investments.

The Common Good Covenant -- A Summary of National Goals and Programs provides an outline of the proposed approach. (Note: The document is one of the exhibits of the book Beyond the Holocaust: Survival or Extinction? published on the the Internet.)

Worldwide Expansion of the Common Good Covenant

Properly developed, the Common Good Covenant -- after initiation and implementation in the United States -- can be expanded throughout the world. A country-by-country assessment of human needs can be conducted. Realistic goals can be set up for each government, based on available and projected resources.

The Common Good Covenant would establish compacts between the governments and the governed. The purpose would be the elimination of political mismanagement, which especially hampers the Third World countries. The worldwide downsizing of the military institution would provide the resources needed to meet human needs in such areas as nutrition, sanitation, economic development and other areas not meeting minimum standards. According to the 1994 Human Development Report at least $1.5 trillion could be made available for this purpose by the year 2000.

The objective of the New Human Order would be the establishing of civil societies, governed by democratic politicians and servant-leaders. There also would be a balancing of human rights with human obligations. On the human rights side economic and social development with political freedom would be provided. On the human obligation side family planning, environmental protection and international cooperation would be offered in exchange for the development aid given by the developed countries.

The annual Human Development Reports by the U.N. Development Program provide excellent indicators of the conditions and progress made by the countries of the world. For example, the Human Development Index (HDI) is a composite of economic, health and education indicators that enable the ranking of countries according to their relative development. The 1992 Report includes a proposal for a Political Freedom Index (PFI), to measure country-by-country such goals of civil societies as personal security, rule of law, freedom of expression, political participation and equality of opportunity. The Human Development Index, the Political Freedom Index, and the downsizing of military establishments could be used to decide how resources by the developed world should be transferred. Countries that are successful in human development would be rewarded with continued or even increased aid. Governments engaged in continuing political mismanagement would be penalized by the reduction of human development assistance. Eventually, the inhabitants of these countries would take the actions needed to eliminate political mismanagement and participate in the New Human Order.

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